Zombie Rave Featuring DJ BL3ND

Zombie Rave featuring DJ BL3ND Venue:
Thu Oct 31 2013 10:00PM
New York
251 West 30th St
Type: re, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket

This Halloween night, if you stand on the sidewalk of a seemingly empty street in central Manhattan and listen for a minute to the sounds of the night, you will hear the thumping bass and deep vibrations of a secret party that rages behind closed gates.  Experience a party so chilling and wild it may leave you catatonic – ZOMBIE RAVE at Slake.  

On the one night of the year when we celebrate the dark side of humankind, thousands of flesh eaters will pack the walls of SLAKE NYC and revel together in bloody harmony for what will be NYC’s most horrific Halloween party ever.  What will the zombified version of yourself look like?  Will you turn on the party-goer next to you and consume their brain on the dance floor?

Featuring a very special performance by DJ BL3ND, plus four unique dance floors of zombie-packed horror.  Enter the zombie costume contest for a chance to win CASH.  Zombify yourself at the free zombie makeover stations.  Drink serum from test tubes, dance till your limbs fall off and at Midnight witness…the BLOODBATH.  The Zombie Rave is a Halloween party that stands out against all others in NYC…Buy your tickets to the feeding frenzy today.

Doors 10pm

21+ To Enter


251 West 30th St (b/n 7th & 8th Ave)

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