Boulevard 3
Thu Oct 31 2013 9:30PM
6523 Sunset Blvd.,
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This Halloween, get ready for a wild and WICKED good time! Enter at your own risk through the gates on Sunset Blvd and into the WICKED Witch’s House. Prior to gaining passage through the Forbidden Forest, you must drink the Witches Brew from the Cauldron of Fire. Once placed under the witches’ spell, your journey begins into a treacherous world of magic and temptation. Beware as you pass by the Flying Witch and her lair of monstrous bats seeking to capture guests for the Midnight Ritual.
Should you escape the witch’s grasp, you will enter into the Hall of Stone Heads. Once inside, quench your thirst with mixology potions under the glare of the glowing eyes. When the spirits move you, float into the Black Magic Ballroom where the Pagan Pandemonium shall ensue. Flocks of witches shall tempt you with libations, hypnotize you with gyrating music, all while casting their voodoo spells over the dance floor.
At Midnight, the WICKED Witch brings the dead back to life in the ritual of the NECRODANCE: a crazed dance show by choreographer, Jae Blaze, featuring a troupe of 20 dancers, cirque performers, flying witches, sensual seductresses, pop locking zombies.and krumping clowns. So, procure yourself a ticket and join us for the most WICKED Halloween Party of your life!

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