When is Halloween 2013, Thursday October 31, 2013

When is Halloween 2013? Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Night 2013 falls on Thursday October 31st 2013. This year, many of the Halloween Festivities and parties happen on the weekend immediately before October 31. That means Friday October 25th, Saturday October 26th and Sunday October 37th are the nights you can party for Halloween 2013, dress up in your crazy, sexy or funny costumes and go downtown and celebrate Halloween with your friends.

Of course, if you are in entertainment industry or just lucky enough to have weekdays off, many major cities in US and Canada have Great Halloween Parties leading up to and on Thursday, October 31 2013 as well. These parties are usually labeled as “Industry Halloween Parties” and are lots of fun as many of the bartenders, gogo dancers, bouncers, and nightclub promoters and owners that are working during the weekends, can come out in their outrageous Halloween parties and have fun.

Be it on Thursday, October 31 or Friday October 25 or Saturday October 26, we at Best Halloween Parties.com have all the best Halloween Parties and Events in your town. So browse our Halloween Event listings and find the best Halloween 2013 Parties in your city.

And oh….if you can… try to hit up some of those Industry Halloween Parties that happen on the Halloween Night Thursday, October 31st, and let us know how you like them…we are thinking you will be glad you did!

Below are direct links to help you find and Buy tickets to the Best Halloween Parties In US and Canada

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