Vice At Marquee Dayclub Dome

Vice at Marquee Dayclub Dome Venue:
Sun Oct 30 2016 11:30AM
Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Type: Female Pre-Sale, Price:$13.76 Buy Your Ticket
Type: Male Pre-Sale, Price:$22.94 Buy Your Ticket

Vice at Marquee Dayclub Dome

Guests are required to present eticket, credit card used for purchase and valid photo identification upon arrival. Proper dress code required.

Pool dress code is as follows:
We encourage pool attire for our guests.  No basketball shorts, team jerseys, baseball caps, robes or tank tops will be permitted in the venue.  Management reserves all rights


Costume Rules:
Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:
•             Masks/Full Face Paint
•             Simulated Weapons (knives, swords, guns, handcuffs)
•             Nudity; including pasties and/or body paint
•             Roller Skates/Blades, Skateboards
•             Certain Sports Equipment (hockey sticks, baseball bats, tennis rackets)
•             Large bags, Briefcases
•             Costumes which may be racially/culturally offensive
•             Costumes overtly sexual in nature
In addition to the above listed restrictions, costumes of extreme height and/or width may be denied access or limited to certain areas of the venue.
Costumes that cover or alter the facial features of a guest must be able to be removed to allow for the ID checking process. If a guest alters their appearance beyond being able to distinguish their identity with their photo ID they will not be permitted to enter the venue, or will be required to remove enough make-up to establish their identity.
No nudity or lewd costumes allowed
No full or partial body paint
No pasties
No offensive or culturally insensitive costumes
No costumes suggesting or promoting illegal narcotics
Costumes must adhere to health code standards/shirts and shoes are required
Toy weapons are not allowed. This includes plastic swords, guns, etc
Please visualize all props. Any props that can possibly be used as a weapon are not permitted
Any bags/pouches that accompany a costume will be searched
Please check with hotel bell service, or plan on using coat check area for storing of props/weapons

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