The Unified

The Unified Venue:
Vancouver FanClub
Sat Oct 25 2014 7:00PM
1050 Granville
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We groove, we laugh, we'll make you dance!


The Unified are 5 amigos blending New Orleans soul with funky reggae and wrapping it in anthems of love that make even wallflowers dance!


West coast summer vibe is how The Unified became a cohesive group, with a positive message, that people couldnt resist. Grooving beach jams, rocking house parties, and fly by the seat of your pants improvising brought together the 5 talented musicians that make up the Unified, and has helped mold their funky/reggae sound.


The members of this dynamic and loveable group are a true example of how worlds can merge together with a common dream. These experienced musicians come from all parts of the globe; their mandate is to create accessible music with a message of a unity, freedom, acceptance, and love. Their ability to connect to the audience and create synergy in the room is the reason The Unified already has amazingly strong local support. 


Whether it's jamming under trees and shooting stars at the beach, or disco balls and bright lights at clubs and private parties, The Unified bring their danceable groove for all people to move. These guys could literally play to any audience, at any function, and guaranteed there will be smile on every face. The Unified has established themselves as a live music groovefest, with tight rhythms, soaring melodies, improvisation and always encouraging plenty of shakin on the dance floor!!


Vancouver boys, glowing in the funk and taking it to the people - let the funk surround you, get up and get Unified!



The Unified is

Ivan Vladikovic – Vocals, Keys, Guitars

Bogdan Profir – Lead Guitars

Jarrett Plett – Drums, Percussion

Ron Froehlich – Saxophone

Aranildo “Spider” Lima – Bass

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