The Red Canary

  • Location: 695 N. Milwaukee Ave.
  • Phone: 312.846.1475
  • Description: As the sun sets each day on the “City of Big Shoulders,” work-weary Chicagoans make their way to The Red Canary for:

    • A softly lit and warm canary-red decadent parlor room that is upstaged only by a stunning grand chandelier
    • A spacious and comfortable main lounge that has vaulted faux-tin ceiling and crystal chandeliers, and occupied by comfortable snazzy upholstered furniture
    • Two private balcony lounges that offer birds-eye views of the main lounge below as well as respite from the city hustle-bustle
    • A 2,000-square-foot outdoor beer-garden — which is among the top three in Chicago — that features lush green ivy over brick, imported Italian olive trees and custom wicker furniture.

    Another aspect that distinguishes The Red Canary is its approach to personal service that Chicago will find refreshing and satisfying. Guests at The Red Canary find that each and every staff member is committed to the highest level of service.

    “We understand,” says Uhlir, “that our guests from the neighborhood and beyond can choose to patronize any of the many other fine lounges and restaurants in the area. We respect their time and their money when they come to The Red Canary. And that commitment to personal service extends beyond the doors of The Red Canary.

    “We are committed,” says Hudson, “to being good neighbors and helping the River West area grow and move in the right direction.”

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