The Playwright

  • Location: 1265 Washington Ave.
  • Phone: 305.534.0667
  • Description: The Playwright is a remarkable collection of authentic Irish decor. The interior is inspired by pubs the owners grew up seeing on the streets of their native Ireland. Three brothers Eamon, Richard and Dennis are from County Kilkenny in the South Eastern corner of Ireland.

    The Pub is an amazing feat of workmanship; the mahogany bar is imposing and impressive. It was made and shipped directly from Ireland to be reassembled here on the shores of Miami. There are a great deal of original features within the pub. The beautiful cherry mahogany tables and chairs were also custom made in Ireland and impart warmth to the dining area.

    The central theme of The Playwright is a literary one, as seen by the photos of many famous and infamous Irish playwrights. Also from the books and artifacts scattered randomly around.

    There are particularly, two stunning stained glass windows at the back of the bar, which were retrieved from a derelict church. As was the amazing oak pulpit, which instead of holding sermons in a 18th century church in some small country parish is now home to the DJ and sound booth.

    From the gothic style chandeliers to the old style collectibles the whole pub has a distinctive European feel. But the overall atmosphere is relaxed and homey. Somewhere to sit and enjoy a pint of beer, of which the selection is large and varied. There are over 13 draft beers including the best pint of Guinness this side of St James Gate. St James Gate is the home of the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

    Most of the draft beers are imports that find an appreciative audience here in cosmopolitan South Beach.

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