The New Oxford Public House

  • Location: 1144 Homer Street
  • Description: A tongue-in-cheek nod to both the world-renowned University of Oxford and British sporting culture, the New Oxford sits proudly on the edge of Yaletown, a welcome addition to Vancouver?s notoriously trendy neighborhood. Vintage touring bikes line the ceiling, leading the eye to a looming portrait of literary genius, misfit and Oxford alumnus Oscar Wilde. A long view of the room ? which runs the width of the entire city block ? reveals rustic gray mill-work, classic pub-style furniture and black & white photos of various other notable Oxford grads. A 50 foot long cantilevered bar serves as the room?s centerpiece, leading visitors into a ?study? motif, complete with taxidermy, original-print hardcover books, vintage sporting gear and even more comfortable seating. Although the New Oxford is under the umbrella of the Donnelly Group Public Houses, guests can get a little taste of things to come, as it also serves as a litmus test and launching point for new cocktail and dining menu items for the entire company.

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