The Monster Mash-Up Party

The Monster Mash-Up Party Venue:
Moe Joe’s Nightclub
Thu Oct 31 2013 9:30PM
4115 Golfers Approach
Type: Regular, Price:$5.00 Buy Your Ticket

Michael Jackson is shooting pool with Wilma Flintstone; a slutty nurse is twerking all up on Dracula s business; Alice in Wonderland is in the corner making out with BigFoot; Stewie Griffin is buying Jagerbombs for 2 slutty pirates, a slutty cop, Spongebob, and Optimus Prime; a storm trooper, Frankenstein, and a bunch of zombies are fist pumping to beats provided by Fidel Ca$hflow and Jayse Aspey& . This isn t some twisted dream& . IT S THE MONSTER MASH-UP PARTY AND IT S FVCK1NG AWESOME!

Prizes for best costume, cheap drinks, and free pool!

Advance tickets are only $5, available online at Get yours now!

Doors open @ 9:30.

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