The Haunting At Supperclub

The Haunting at Supperclub Venue:
Fri Oct 30 2015 10:00PM
Los Angeles
6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Type: General Admission, Price:$30.00 Sold Out
Type: VIP Express Entry, Price:$40.00 Sold Out

SupperclubLA: an upscale Hollywood nightclub frequented by musicians, rappers, actors and Hollywoods finest.
What many people might not know is that Supperclub lived inside the historic and haunted Vogue theatre.

In the late 1800s, Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Avenue. The Prospect Elementary School stood at the site where the Vogue Theatre, which opened in 1936, now stands. In 1901, tragedy struck the four-room schoolhouse, and it burned to the ground killing 25 children and the teacher, Miss Elizabeth.

On 16 July 1935, the Vogue Theater was unveiled on iconic Hollywood Boulevard to a glittering crowd of Angeleno socialites. 

In 1992 the International Society for Paranormal Research acquired the property and moved in to set up shop. When ISPR moved into the Vogue Theatre, the team had no idea the property was haunted by nine resident entities, including six children and three adult ghosts. Parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz said the Vogue was so active with paranormal occurrences that the ghosts developed relationships with members of the ISPR team. The children, Montz said, all died in the 1901 fire at Prospect Elementary. One of the adult ghosts was Miss Elizabeth, the schoolteacher who also died in the fire. Two other adult ghosts identified as Fritz and Danny also took up residence at the Vogue. Fritz, a German immigrant, was the Vogue Theatre projectionist for 40 years, and he died of a heart attack in the projection room in the 1980s. Danny was a maintenance engineer for Mann Theatres who also worked at the Vogue from time to time. He died of a drug overdose in the 80s.

In 2009, this timeless theater was transformed into the world-renowned live entertainment landmark known now as supperclub LA, part of the global supperclub family with locations in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Istanbul, and Dubai, helmed by one of Los Angeles leading sophisticated hotspot creators – Boulevard Nightlife Group – to connect the current generation of Angeleno socialites and stars with the best of the delicious decadence that famous Hollywood has to offer.

The best DJs, musicians, and performers in the world grace the stage at supperclub LA each night as we celebrate life!
Join us at the infamous Vogue theatre this Halloweens eve for The Haunting at Supperclub.

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