The Haunted Yotel

The Haunted Yotel Venue:
Sat Oct 29 2011 9:00PM
New York
570 10th Avenue
Type: General Admission, Price:$33.00 Buy Your Ticket

Things get a little spooky when Halloween rolls around. The setting and mood of every nightlife venue in New York City takes on a different personality, and transforms into a ghoulish atmosphere. New York s entertainment scene isn t limited to nightclubs, bars and lounges hotels are some of the best venues for phenomenal events. One of the most recent openings in NYC has been Yotel a new breed of futuristic hotels that combine minimalistic Japanese style with technology that adds to the entire experience (a robot that handles luggage?).

This Halloween Yotel is transforming into a haunted hotel, and putting together one of the most anticipated Halloween events in New York City. While events all around the city really don t offer an exciting element, what s better than a new venue on one of the most popular holiday nights of the year? With top-notch entertainment, music by some of New York City s most sought after DJs, and an atmosphere that s unmatched, this is set to be a party that people talk about for months to follow.

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