The Grapes Of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath Venue:
Upstairs Cabaret
Fri Nov 1 2013 7:00PM
15 Bastion Square
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Upstairs Live Presents:

The Grapes of Wrath

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Brothers Tom and Chris Hooper met Kevin Kane in 1977 during their teens in Kelowna, British Columbia. Their first band was a punk combo called Kill Pigs which played faster than the singer could sing. From there, Kane and the Hoopers went on separate musical paths; Kane to art-rock group Empty Set and the Hoopers forming the hardcore punk band Gentlemen Of Horror. The Gentlemen were popular playing in and around Vancouver and released a now highly sought after 73 single in 1980. During this time, Tom Hooper edited a local punk zine called Indecent Exposure , to which Kane and Chris Hooper contributed.

In April of 1983, after putting together a one-off show as cover band Honda Civic, the trio decided to work together musically again. From the Hooper family garage they began rehearsals and gained enough confidence to open for acts in Seattle and Vancouver as the newly christened Grapes Of Wrath (from the classic movie of the same name).

By raising money at flea markets and garage sales the act was able to record 4 songs with up-and-coming producer/engineer Greg Reely in July and August 1984. Unbeknownst to the band, a cassette recording of the material was passed along to Terry McBride of the newly formed Nettwerk Records in Vancouver, which led to the band being signed and releasing the tracks as a self-titled EP in November 1984. The band played a farewell gig in hometown Kelowna, packed up Tom s station wagon and the Grapes Of Wrath moved to Vancouver.

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