The Fleetwood

  • Location: 639 J St.
  • Phone: 619.702.7700
  • Description: The Fleetwood fills a gap in San Diego’s nightlife as the neighborhood option that offers the most options. A bar, restaurant and lounge. A place where you can meet people from all walks of life or bring your own party. A place where you can be comfortable, laid back or dressed up.

    The Fleetwood doesn’t try to appeal to everyone. It doesn’t say that we can be everything to everybody. But it just wants to serve as a place for people to escape to, either before the game, after the game or just to watch one. A place for chilled mid-week lounging and dining, partying until 2am on the weekend and then recovering on one of our sofas enjoying brunch and champagne bottle service. It’s a piece of the neighborhood formed by the various colors of the San Diego community.

    Simply put, it’s San Diego’s newest way to eat, drink and mix.

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