The Bourbons All Hallows Scream

The Bourbons All Hallows Scream Venue:
The Bourbon in Gastown
Sat Oct 31 2015 6:00PM
50 W Cordova
Type: Regular, Price:$15.00 Buy Your Ticket

The darkness is coming…the chill has begun at the base of your neck…and as the nights pass…the chill becomes greater and greater.  The Bourbons All Hallows Scream will be without a doubt.. SCARY FUN!! The room will be decked out with rats and spiders, godzillas and vampire dudes and other scary ass stuff too.  Compete in the world famous BOURBON COSTUME COMP…there will also be door prizes and giveaways all night long.  You may die or become a zombie or something..but at least then you don't have to worry about wearing clothes or going to the gym!

$4.25 Lucky and $4 shots of Fireball all night long!!

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