The Annex Wreckroom

  • Location: 794 Bathurst St, 2nd Fl
  • Phone: 416.536.0346
  • Layout: large club – 450 capacity
  • Atmosphere: casual
  • Age Group: 19-30
  • Average Cost: $5
  • Hours: 8pm-1am Tuesday9pm-1am Wednesday10pm-3am Frida
  • Description: The Annex — touted as one of, if not the friendliest, neighborhoods in Toronto, with a vibrant social and cultural scene. Your parent’s wreckroom-where everyone in the ‘hood hung out, you snuck your first kiss, and your band used to rehearse.

    The newest live venue addition to the neighborhood embodies the spirit of The Annex. Already its namesake, The Annex Wreckroom has the friendliest staff in town.

    Recently opened ,this superb looking and sounding room has mainly featured alternative DJ/dance featuring the infamous DJ Dwight and special events such as Daryl’s Hard Liquor & Porn Film Festival After Party, The Toronto Roller Derby League Afterparties and the Long Boarder’s Association Afterparty.

    Owner Kenny Sprackman (of The Horseshoe, Lee’s Palace, X-Ray and The Isabella fame) looks forward to bringing his love of live music to the ‘hood.

    “Toronto has one of the healthiest music scenes out there. I think there is always talent coming in. Do I talk to people whose kids are in the basement playing drums, yeah? I played in a garage band when I was a kid and that will never stop,” says Sprackman. “To run a club is a labor of love.”

    That love is reflected in the space. The Annex Wreckroom features a large stage, (pole and runway optional), excellent sound and gear, great acoustics, an amazing lighting system,DJ booth, a big screen, several televisions and games for bigger people-pool tables, table hockey-making it optimal for any function. In-house catering is available. It also has a raised lounge area and clean, yes, clean washrooms.

    The warm Annex Wreckroom vibe and versatility lends itself to both large events/concerts and quainter events, such as cd releases, wrap parties, book launches, private events, screenings, stag n’ does, anything that needs celebrating, really. And what doesn’t?

    Located across from landmark Honest Ed’s and the Bathurst/Bloor subway – no driving, folks! – The AnnexWreckroom is easily accessible from anywhere…it’s the center of everywhere.

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