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Halloween Extravaganza At Rain Nightclub At The Palms Casino

Brazzers Naughty Fairy Tale Party - Halloween at Rain NightclubVenue:
Sat Oct 31 2015 9:50PM
Las Vegas
4321 West Flamingo Rd
Type: Male General Admission, Price:$25.00Buy Your Ticket
Type: Female General Admission, Price:$15.00Buy Your Ticket
Type: VIP Admission - Fast Line, Price:$40.00Buy Your Ticket
Type: Brazzers Bronze Package - For up to 4 guests, Price:$600.00Buy Your Ticket
Type: Discounted Silver Bottle Package - For up to 8 guests, Price:$850.00Buy Your Ticket
Type: Discounted Gold Table Package - For up to 12 guests, Price:$1200.00Buy Your Ticket

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Location: 323 23rd St. Phone: 305-674-7447
More about this Halloween party