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Haunted Historic Village

Haunted Historic Village – Friday and Saturday evenings, from October 11 to October 26 at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum 2940 Old Montreal Rd, Cumberland, ON Tour the historic village after dark, and discover our darkest secrets during this year’s Historic Haunted Village event.  Not an experience for the faint of heart…Tours start at 7 pm. Last admission at 9:30 pm. $10/person – Children under 14 years will not be admitted.
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Las Vegas is home to the worlds TOP Halloween Party

Las Vegas is home to the worlds #1 Halloween Party knows as Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball. This show is a must see and this year it promises to be better thank all the previous Las Vegas Halloween Parties. You can check out this top Las Vegas Halloween attraction at South Point Hotel and Casino this year. For more information on this Hot Halloween Party in Vegas visit Fetish and Fantasy Ball L.V  website. This years talent and djs for this top Las Vegas Halloween attraction includes the following artists, with more being announced daily until the event night on Saturday October 29 2011 Hybridigital, Shiny Toy Guns, Darude, Donald Glaude, Mix Master Mike, DJ Skribble, Scooter & LaVelle, DJ Bambu, PERFORMERS, Scandalesque, Stryker Vawn, VooDoo Carnivale, Sex & Metal, Fire & Ice Entertainment, Dragons Gate, Freaky Stilters, Laseronics, Creature Couture, Mechanical Banana, Jenyne Butterfly, 2011 Performer, Jenyne Butterfly For more Hot Las Vegas Parties check out our Las Vegas Halloween Listing: Top Rated Halloween Events in Las Vegas  
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Top 10 U.S. Halloween Party Destinations for Guys

According to , these are the Top 10 Halloween parties you should be at this year on October 31st…check them out some might surprise you and some might be in your town…either way you can find tickets for your Halloween 2011 parties right here on our site at …read full article here : Number 10 Great Halloween Grave Dig, Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania Number 9 Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts Number 8 Guavaween, Tampa, Florida Number 7 Play..boy Mansion, Beverly Hills, California Number 6 Parade of Lost Souls, Vancouver, British Columbia Number 5 Vampire Ball, Houston, Texas Number 4 Freaks, Follies & Sideshows, New Orleans, Louisiana Number 3 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, Los Angeles, California Number 2 New York’s Village Halloween Parade, Greenwich Village, New York Number 1 Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball, Las Vegas, Nevada What not to miss: The fire breathers and belly dancers, who wear practically nothing.  
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