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Muzik Nightclub
Sat Oct 31 2015 9:30PM
15 Saskatchewan Road
Type: General Admission, Price:$20.00Buy Your Ticket

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TORONTO HALLOWEEN PARTIES AND EVENTS If you are looking for the Best Halloween 2011 parties in Toronto, you have come to the right place. Halloween is one of the best times to visit some Toronto’s best nightclubs and Halloween 2011 is promising to be the best one yet. Toronto due to it’s ethnic diversity has many beautiful girls and handsome guys who really like to get in the holidays spirit and get dressed up in their sexy, outrageous and extravagant outfits and go downtown Toronto, which offers some of the Best Halloween Parties in Canada. There are hundreds of Nightclubs in Toronto which throw big parties for Halloween, from King Street West to Richmond Street, Queen Street and most of the Entertainment district, to clubs in Mississauga, North York and even in Oshawa you will be sure to find some great parties in some of Toronto’s best nightclubs. Most of the top nightclubs and bars in Toronto, following great Halloween tradition offer top prizes for best costume, most original costume, and sexiest costume. The prizes usually range in the $1000 to $10,000 range but some of the hottest Toronto Nightclubs offer up to $25,000 prize for Best Halloween Costumes! For our section on Best Halloween Parties of 2011 in Toronto, we have hand selected some of the best and most entertaining Halloween Events that you won’t want to miss. Below are a few of these top Halloween 2011 parties in Toronto and feel free to look around to find out more about the DJ, Dress Code, Cover Charge, Halloween Prizes, and in most cases, you and your friends can buy your Halloween 2011 Tickets right here on our website through a secure and encrypted process. Feel free to look around, send the info to your friends and come back whenever you are ready to go party for Halloween 2011..and remember be safe, have fun and Dress Up! It’s the only time of the year you can get away with whatever you wear. Below is a list of the Top 5 Halloween Parties we recommend for Halloween 2011 in Toronto: Monster Mash inside Guvernment Nightclub Liberty Halloween 2011 King Street Massacre at Cobra Halloween Horror inside Club V Venetian Masquerade at Wicked Club To see All Halloween 2011 parties and events in Toronto, visit :
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Tryst Nightclub

Location: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South Phone: (702) 770-7000 Layout: 12,000 sq ft with an open air main room and a sizable dance floor Atmosphere: A swank nightclub featuring a breathtaking 90 ft waterfall that cascades into a secluded lagoon Age Group: 21+ Average Cost: $20 – $50 Hours: Open Thursday-Sunday, 10:00 pm to 4:00 am. Description: Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas is Nightlife with a passion. Tryst will surround you with sound, style and sensuality. Tryst Nightclub has the best looking “A” list crowd in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn has brought on the world reknown Victor Drai of Drai’s superclub and afterhours along with Victor’s team of Jesse and Cy Waits. This combination of creative talent should be called the Las Vegas Dream Team of Nightlife! Nightclubbing has just gone to the next level. Inside the 12,000 square foot Tryst – a name evocative of an intimate rendezvous spot for lovers – guests will find a main room with open air and a sizable dance floor extending into a breathtaking 90-foot waterfall that cascades into a secluded lagoon. Dress is Casual Chic. No hats, oversized jeans, baggies or athletic wear. Open Thursday – Sunday nights, 10:00PM to 4:00AM. Cover charge nightly. European bottle service.
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Location: 37 W. 26th St. Phone: 212.725.3860
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Location: 15 Saskatchewan Road Phone: 416.595.9998 Layout: Large Entertainment Complex – 41,000 square feet Atmosphere: Upscale Age Group: 23 + Average Cost: $25-$50 Hours: 9:00pm – 3:00am Description: Imagine 41,000 square feet of possibility. Picture a chameleon-like entertainment space undefined by convention. Envision a whole new way of nightlife in Toronto. This is MUZIK. MUZIK is located in the former Horticulture Building at Exhibition Place. It has undergone a complete interior restoration creating a state-of-the-art atmosphere for hosting concerts, product launches, photo shoots, corporate and special events. MUZIK also has a very large outside patio area which overlooks the lake that is the perfect setting for a reception and/or barbeque. On the grounds are numerous E.B. Cox works featuring huge limestone sculptures of mythical figures. The flexible size of MUZIK allows the venue to host groups ranging in size from 100 to 3,000. MUZIK’s interior space houses nine fully equipped bars in the main event area and the flexibility to create a number of private bars for V.I.P. hosting. The three acres of outdoor licensed patio space also allow for additional capacity and the ability to set up customized bars, patios, tents and cabanas. The venue also houses a full kitchen facility with convectional ovens and walk-in freezer and fridge. Relaxing under a 60 foot-high classical glass dome is an experience that can only be had at MUZIK – picture “A Canadian in Paris”. Preserving the classical features of the former Horticultural Building while presenting a new and innovative ambiance within, MUZIK keeps one foot in the past and one in the future. The massive space can easily be transformed into private sections and make use of the sectional leather couches, custom-made tables and Persian rugs that are included with the venue. The chic yet sophisticated decor and facilities were designed by Precipice Studios. Juxtaposing classical charm with modern magnificence, MUZIK is the anchor of Toronto’s historical exhibition grounds and also the city’s most innovative entertainment venue. The one-level, beaux-arts style building provides a luxury playground for international industry players who appreciate first-class service and outstanding entertainment. MUZIK has been home to a plethora of corporate events since its opening in October 2005 for Toronto Fashion Week. MUZIK has been the venue of choice for the Audi launch of the new Q7, Molson Grand Prix Driver’s VIP Party and many other events. The venue continues to host top-notch events catering to a wide variety of local and international businesses. Please click on the following categories to see more information on past and future events, as well as contact information. Experiencing a new level of entertainment is what MUZIK is all about. With MUZIK’s state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, the possibilities are endless. Clients can add to the audio/visual system with any specific requirements that they may have. The Horticulture Building is an easily recognized building to millions of people who attended the CNE over its 129 years of existence. Designed by G.W. Gouinlock and completed in 1907, the Horticulture Building is a presentation of classical features and beaux arts style. The building is a prominent structure of the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties. The image of the building will be seen in the skyline as well as from the Gardiner Expressway – a major highway to the downtown business area. In 1961, the floral competitions were moved to allow the Horticulture Building to host Mediscope ’61, an exhibit of medical equipment and procedures sponsored by the Ontario Medical Association. In the following year, however, the traditional use of the Horticulture Building as a centre for floral displays and competitions was restored. Highlights of the building include the large glazed central dome, distinctive layout, and decorative portico entrances. The central dome and interconnected pavilions, are designed to maximize the utilization of the natural light. Re-inventing the wheel keeps MUZIK alive. Since its complete interior restoration in 2005, MUZIK is looking onwards and upwards at new ways to mold the space into various set-ups. MUZIK is located close to the downtown core with views to the Lake and ample parking is available.
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Location: 135 Liberty Street Phone: 416 588 2888 Atmosphere: Upscale & Stylish Age Group: 23 + Average Cost: $75 per person (dinner and win Hours: Thurs –-Sat: 6:00pm to close Description: Maro exceptionally transcends traditional nightlife by presenting an entertainment experience where guests can savour a union of food, drink and dance. Celebrity chef, David Adjey circumvents conventional dining formats by deconstructing and serving Euro – Asian cuisine in a seamless manner. Unlike no other venue in Toronto, Maro is the perfect place to start and end your evening.
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Location: 606 King St West Phone: 416-363-4933 Layout: Intimate Atmosphere: Upscale & Stylish Age Group: 23 + Hours: Thurs – Sat: 9:30pm – close, Sun: 10:00pm – close Description: Experience an intimate and inviting haven that seduces patrons with an elegant yet playful demeanor. Cheval’s urbane decors and striking architectural designand party at every table attitude provide a fun and unpretentious ambience with renowned Dj’s spinning nightly. Inspired by the impulsive and playful parties of Barcelona, Rome, Paris and Athens, Cheval’s Toronto’s high-energy music-bar, providing an exemplary VIP nightlife experience for upscale jet-setting professionals. Cheval bring luxurious sophistication and European style to Toronto’s New bustling nightlife corridor, King St West.
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Location: 82 Peter St Phone: 416 837 7775 Layout: 2 main rooms and a intimate tertiary room Atmosphere: Sophisticated party Age Group: 19-35 Average Cost: average Description: Part parlour, part garden, and part labyrinth under the stars, Tryst is a multi-leveled all senses experience. Featuring three distinct rooms and catering to a discerning upscale clientele an evening at Tryst ranges from intimate to extravagant.
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Luxy Nightclub

Location: 60 Interchange Way Phone: 905.761.9761 Layout: large Description: If you have been waiting for something new and out of the downtown core with the highest quality of design and entertainment. It’s here!!! LUXY Nightclub. The most outrageous nightclub you have ever seen is coming in just a few weeks. Imagine the glamour of Las Vegas and the glitz of a European Super Club.
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Location: 500 king St West Layout: small Atmosphere: intimate Age Group: 25 plus Description: Uniq Lifestyle Presents COBRA Shed Your Skin: Uniq Lifestyle Announces Exclusive VIP / Media Grand Opening of COBRA, Thursday May 28th, 2009 Toronto ON, Thursday May 28 09 Located in the heart of Toronto’s King West entertainment corridor, Uniq Lifestyle announces the official media and VIP launch of COBRA, set to take place Thursday May 28th, 2009. In a complete transformation from its previous life as West Lounge – guests will discover the luxurious 5000 sq. ft. subterranean tomb like setting complete with wrought iron gargoyle torches and countless gold skulls which surround the sunken dance floor. The reinvented atmosphere boasts a state of the art Alpha Dynachord sound system equipped to overwhelm the room and a premiere light show featuring a fully loaded LED Color Kinetics ceiling. In addition to the spectacular décor, light and sound, COBRA will showcase custom art by internationally acclaimed celebrity photographer and resident artist Paul Alexander. “I’m thrilled to be partnering on a night club project where photographic art is an integral part of the design and mood. Dark, sexy and mystic will be brought to life in this exhilarating creative effort to breathe new energy into TorontoÂ’s night life” says Alexander. COBRA will feature the best of local DJ talent with a variety of rock, house and electro inspired music sets including the occasional international celebrity DJ special event. COBRA will be open & serving variety Wednesday through Saturday.
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TIME Nightclub

Location: 81 Peter Street Phone: 416 581 1118 Age Group: 19+ Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday And Special Events From 1
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Maison Mercer

Location: 15 Mercer St Description: Maison Mercer and Maison Terrace are now open thursday and saturday 28 plus for Gentlemen 25 plus for Ladies
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Location: 332 Richmond St west Phone: 416.837.7775 Layout: small 2 distinct rooms with 2 distinct sounds Atmosphere: upscale, loungy, with a smoking room Age Group: 19+ Average Cost: $15 Hours: Wed-Sat 10pm-3am Description: Lot 332 is a superior style of nightlife that’s up the city and it’s putting a twist on how Toronto’s urban elite plays. Enjoy an energized atmosphere in an intimate and chic setting while enjoying exclusive cabana-style seating offering bottle service. Lot332 features an all year round retractable glass roof with built heaters to blast out the cold in the winter.
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Guvernment Nightclub

Location: 132 Queens Quay East Phone: 416-869-0045 Layout: 40,000 square feet Average Cost: $10-$15 Description: Toronto’s Ultimate Entertainment Complex 40,000 square foot complex used for all sorts of events from parties to corporate functions
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Century Room

Location: 580 King Street West Phone: 416-203-2226 Layout: One Room, Tailor made for bottle service Atmosphere: Upscale & Stylish Age Group: 25 + Average Cost: $25 Hours: Tue, Fri & Sat – 10pm-3am Description: Here’s an actual conversation regarding the name Century Room: “Century Room, that’s a cool name. I wonder how they got that name”. “The building is over 100 years old. ThatÂ’s how they got the name”. “Really?” “Yep”. When you walk into Century Room on any given night one immediately becomes immersed in the history that is in the room. No, it is not the history of the preceding Mockingbird; rather it is the history of the clientele now frequenting Century Room. Now slightly older, wiser, and wealthier, the patrons of Century have grown out of the younger Richmond Street West scene and migrated to the suddenly cool King Street West scene. The reason for this is clearly derived from the ownership of the venue; all of the owners are pretty big cogs in the Toronto nightlife scene. Zark Fatah and Ralf Madi alongside Tarus Fatah (Zark’s brother) and Vito Tomasicchio (owner of the cool College Street resto-lounge Li’ly) opened Century Room in 2004. All four owners have an extensive track record when it comes to the service, management, creative, and promotional side of nightlife and have used these qualities to successfully brand Century as one of the top destinations in the city. The circle of the nightlife promotions industry seems to go something like this: promoters begin successfully promoting, they get older and do more mature parties, they buy their own venue, and finally they use the venue as a way to push the next hot promoter and the cycle begins all over again. The founders of ZRF Productions, Madi and Fatah began promoting together in the spring of 1999 and promoted at such downtown spots as Hotel, Fluid, The Drink+ Charlies + Goldclub Lounge @ The Guvernment, Budo, etc catering to a crowd that was fashion forward and loyal. As the heads of ZRF grew older, they had the ambitious desire to own their own venue (to cater to their also aging friends) while keeping ZRF for the younger, trendier demographic. Partnering with a successful resto-lounge owner allowed them to reach a greatly desired, affluent clientele, the type that you see at Century at any weekly event. Decor and layout Although the building is 100 years old, you wouldn’t realize that by looking at the club. The space has an impressive hardwood floor, aged naturally. This type of floor is perfect for dancing, and there is space to dance, particularly in the back lounge. With spacious ceilings, Century does not feel like most enclosed Richmond Street West clubs; rather you feel an aura of openness. The design of the club was done by Harold Madi (Ralf Madi’s brother) and Antonio from Prototype Design Lab (a close friend of Zark’s). Lighting is critical to the success of a venue, and Century’s lighting is well done to enhance the mood of the spot. The backlighting at the club provides just enough light to see the face of the girl you are schmoozing, but enough darkness to make sure you won’t see any imperfections (those are best saved for the morning after-yikes!) The front and back lounges are pimped out with designer couches for the bottle service/VIP area. This club was tailor made for bottle service, as the booths are unobtrusive (unlike some places) but intimate enough to have a good conversation or keep an eye of what is happening on the dancefloor. Century also has a pretty happening courtyard/patio equipped with a bar for your drinking/smoking needs. Staff/Crowd The staff at Century is much like the venue itself; cool, chic, and comfortable. The door staff can be viewed as assertive and to some people rude, but you have to cut the bouncers some slack. They handle the volume at the door very efficiently considering most clubbers are impatient at times. The bartenders are very experienced, having plied their trade at various hot spots throughout the years. Handpicked by the owners, these bartenders are efficient and fast, considering they have to deal with customers with lots of money, and even less patience. The crowd is very old school ZRF. These are the clubbers that, 5 years ago, were the trendy stylish people that were partying at the Drink or Fluid. Now these people have traded in the funky clothes and the cool hairstyles for business attire and martinis. That isn’t to say they have stopped their partying ways, rather this clientele has toned down a bit and party strictly on the weekends. Tuesday’s crowd is an industry crowd filled with bartenders, promoters, bouncers, and DJ’s from all over the city. Friday is a house music driven night, with international talent playing once a month. Saturday is mature and more commercial, with many high rollers and most VIP booths sold out well in advanced. Tips - Dont name drop at the door. Most of the crowd knows at least one of the owners of the club, so by dropping names you are doing exactly what the person waiting in front of you did. Just arrive early - Reserve your VIP booths in advance. The booths (especially on Saturdays) are in high demand and are usually sold out well in advanced. - Dress the part. The majority of the patrons are very sharply dressed. You should do the same. - Call for guestlist early in the week. It fills up fast. General information Century Room is open weekly Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 580 King Street West 416-203-2226
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Liberty Grand

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd., Exhibition Place Phone: 416.542.3789 Layout: Very large Atmosphere: a bit of everything Age Group: 19 -50 Average Cost: $20.00 Description: This may be Torontos most spectacular venues to hold special events like the anual New Years Gala. There are 2 maain huge rooms with 27 foot ceilings, an upstairs vip area, a dining area aqnd a beautiful outside grounds.
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Brant House

Location: 522 King St. West Phone: 416.703.2800 Atmosphere: Upscale Age Group: 25 + Average Cost: $75 per person (dinner and win Hours: Wed-Fri: 5:00pm-close &Sat: 6:30pm – close Description: Located in the heart of the King street west area. Brant House is a beautiful 7,000 square foot venue. If you are planning on going make sure to look good and arrive early.
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