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Fright NightVenue:
Le Jardin
Fri Nov 1 2013 8:00PM
8440 York 27
Type: Regular, Price:$95.00Buy Your Ticket

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Club V

Location: 88 Yorkville Avenue Phone: 416-975-4397 Layout: small lounge Atmosphere: Lounge Age Group: 23 + Average Cost: depends Description: CLUB V (article from from The Globe and Mail) It was only a matter of time before the VIP room trend took over and spawned its very own nightclubs. Yorkville’s new Club V at 88 Yorkville is designed to woo the swish moneyed crowd into swilling fancy martinis and joining its exclusive roster. Now, this is not the kind of club that offers a gym, a screening room or a library. What it offers, instead, is an alternative to the area’s posh hotel bars and, um, Hemingways — and an international concierge service, à la the British company Quintessentially . Consider the next couple of months a preview period. After that, payment of a one-time $2,000 membership fee will be the only way to slink inside — and secure entrée into like-minded spots in Paris, London, or wherever the jet set jets. The subterranean spot, designed by interior designer Irfan Bukhari (Budo, Red Drink, Fluid and Nectar), is all blond wood, glowing pink tiles and delicate pink-and-white orchids floating in vases lit from below. Five hundred miniature disco balls reflect the light. And a private patio will be ready, as well, for this Thursday’s grand opening. It all looks like a fashion shoot, right down to Salon Jie’s fashion styling of the leggy all-female staff. “It’s a super-girl bar,” says sommelier and mixologist Steve Campagnolo. “It’s all about the ladies. We won’t ram the place with people. No one is going to step on their pumps or spill their drinks.” He is the man behind an ambitious cocktail list that features super-fresh juices, infusions of lemon grass and ginger and the like. (Even at $16 to $20 a pop, it’s not actually called a menu; they call it a “drinks program,” don’t you know?) For the moment, the club is open to the public. Visit now, and you can at least pretend you’re thinking about coughing up the dough. TRALEE PEARCE – The Globe and Mail
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Mod Club

Location: 722 College Street West Phone: 416-588-4MOD
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Suite 106

Location: 106 Peter Street Phone: 416 599 2224 Layout: medium size
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Dolce Social Ballroom

Location: 647 King Street West Age Group: 25 plus Description: Dolce Social Ballroom will be an addition to King St West. Opening all 2009
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Madison Avenue Pub

Location: 14 Madison Avenue Phone: 416.927.1722 Description: The Madison Ave. Pub is not only famous in Toronto but also throughout Canada as well as the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe and Great Britain. Considered one of the world’s top bars, it is truly unique in a variety of ways. It all started in 1983 in one room at the bottom of 14 Madison Avenue and today it is built out of 3 Victorian homes at 14, 16, and 18 Madison Avenue. Now boasting a spectacular sports lounge 6 British style pubs under one roof a total of 12 bars (5 on patios) 3 kitchens 5 multilevel patios – 4 heated and several covered areas 4 fireplaces 3 dart areas 2 pool tables 150 draft taps – possibly a world record 3 giant screens and over 50 TVs live entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday a capacity of close to 2000 people Beautifully designed for comfort yet intimacy, all the pubs display a distinct British flair with tastefully decorated walls, brass fittings, oak bars and comfortably decorated booths. Each of the six pubs has it’s own special attributes that appeal to different people. What makes the Madison so incredible are its customers who flock here by the thousands every week. The Maddy is the place to party where the beat, the excitement and the fun make it number 1 Find out for yourself, but get here early! Age Restriction: 21 and over after 11pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday only
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City Nightclub

Location: 296 Richmond St. West Phone: 416 977 8900 Layout: 4 rooms, holds 1,800 people Atmosphere: fashion, sexy, curious, wild Age Group: 19 plus Average Cost: $100 plus dollar bottles Hours: Wed/Fri/Sat/SunDoors open 10pmLast call 2am Description: With 26 booths the venue caters to Bottle Service and holds over 1,800 people. The venue features 4 rooms and 3 different sounds, open Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun alongside special events/corporate bookings. Specializing in special events and concerts every week for a optimal clubbing experience, your sure to find some sort of celebrity inside the luxurious building.
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LIVE Toronto

Location: 332 Richmond St West Phone: 416 837 7775 Layout: Medium Atmosphere: cool Age Group: 19 plus Description: LIVE Toronto, Live nightclub – Toronto Newest nightclub LIVE Toronto will unite the very best of every great international city’s music scene into one spectacular and singular setting. Intended to be the number one destination for the worldÂ’s premier music talent and has secured a number of top international acts and DJs to regularly take center stage. LIVE has redefined nightlife in Toronto. This nightspot fuses the appeal of an exclusive lounge and a high energy nightclub. This monumental 8,000 square-foot venue encompasses eight bars that transition patrons between three lavish areas and variant musical experiences. Venturing further into the venue, club-goers will encounter an intimate boite and separate DJ, with a state of the art sound and lighting systems
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