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Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013 Finding the Best Halloween Costume should not be stressful or expensive. We love this time of the year because it represents the beginning of the festive season, starting with Thanksgiving in Canada, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday in United States and leading to Christmas and New Years Eve, the festivities are definitely if full effect. This could become stressful and that’s why we are here helping you with some tips and ideas on Best Halloween Costumes and how to have the Most Original Costume this Halloween. 1-     Play on your looks. If you look like someone famous in pop culture from the past or present, the most fun you can have with your Halloween costume is to play on your looks and dress up as this popular icon. You will see people complementing you the most on your Halloween Costume especially because it will be a very original Halloween Costume idea. 2-     Follow pop culture for the latest flavor of the month or year. Things like up and coming pop singers, Hollywood blockbuster movies, funny pop culture personalities or movies make perfect Halloween costumes. just stay politically correct. For example think Borat costumes, Transformers costumes, Pirate of the Caribbean costumes, Katy Perry costumes and so on. In particular, we like to pick characters from funny advertisements such as the Geico Caveman or Dos Equis Most interesting Man in the world. You might not end up with the Most Original Halloween Costume, but you sure will be up to date and look cool! 3- Have fun with it. What did you want to be when growing up, a fireman, a pilot, a police man, singer or rock star? Then this Halloween be that kid again and dress up as whatever you dreamt of in your childhood. You can search the internet for Halloween Costume ideas and put a spin on it by using sites such as or or get your stuff cheap on EBay or small second hand stores. 4- Or you can just go full force creative and build your home made Halloween costume from scratch based on old clothes, garbage bags and some needle and thread work. There are plenty of resources out there on the internet to help you with the best and most original Halloween Costume ideas this year. Our picks for 2013 Halloween costumes are: Google Android Mascot, Charlie Sheen, Occupy Wall street Protestor, Johnny English Reborn Just remember to be safe and have fun with it and once you have your costume on, check out the rest of our site here at to find out the best Halloween parties in US and Canada Below are more direct links to help you find the Best Halloween Parties in your city: Top Halloween parties in Toronto Top Halloween parties in New York Top Halloween parties in Montreal Top Halloween parties in Vancouver Top Halloween parties in Los Angeles Top Halloween parties in Seattle Top Halloween parties in San Diego Top Halloween parties in San Francisco Top Halloween parties in Las Vegas
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