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Ginger 62

Location: 1219 Granville Street Phone: 604.688.5494 Hours: Wednesday – Thursday 8pm-1am Description: Ginger 62 is a place that takes you through steps. A gorgeous, 60`s inspired, casual lounge early in the evening, moving towards entertainment and music, and then, just a damn fine party. The food is served, your martini is shaken, the lights dim, the bass begins to rumble, everyone is laughing and dancing on the furniture. Enoy an early evening of award winning, globally influenced small plates, by chef James Douglas. Tempting you with tantalizing red room prawn cakes and chili sweet sauce, BBQ pork in warm green onion pancakes with mu shu sauce or warm up to a creamy cheese fondue. Later, ginger brings some of the very best djs and musicians from Vancouver and beyond to ensure that what you`re listening too, you feel and are moved by each and every evening. Where music moves… And what about the 62? Simple. It was a great year.
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