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Haunted TEM HOME Free Haunted House for Charity!

Free Haunted House for Charity! Don’t let this being free fool you, this house is extreme!!! Over 2800sqft inside and outside! Check out our site for all the details…. Dates, Times, Acts and everything else you want to know! THIS IS NO JOKE – COME IF YOU DARE, WE GUARANTEE A SCARE!–put-your-fears-to-the-test-at-free-ajax-haunted-house HAUNTED TEMHOME IN THE PAPER! 386 Taunton Road East, Ajax Ontario, L1Z 1V2 Live Entertainment At Each Show!!! Running Dates : Thursday October 18th 7pm – 10pm Friday October 19th 7pm – 11pm Saturday October 20th 7pm – 11pm Sunday October 21st 7pm – 10pm Thursday October 25th 7pm – 10pm Friday October 26th 7pm – 11pm Saturday October 27th 7pm – 11pm Sunday October 28th 7pm – 10pm Wednesday October 31st 7pm – 10:30pm Some Details…. We don’t want to give anything away….so….just know that as soon as you park your car, the experience starts! This haunted house is fully interactive….meaning….you will have to interact with the actors to move through the house, there may be points where YOU have to find your way….there may be points where you have to do something to reveal the next step or figure something out to be able to pass, you may have to remember something or save something…in this Haunted House, all you can do is expect the unexpected and hope for the best!! Each year we make the Haunted House different, so there is no chance of knowing what is to come! The set is designed in house and takes about 3 months to complete! This is not a simple walk through house like at Niagara Falls and according to last years guests…better than screamers… could say screamers with a TWIST. When you enter the house, you become immersed in the moment and are actually part of the experience! We strive to make things as realistic and scary as possible. Those who come thinking there is no way we will get you….well you couldn’t be any *wronger! We Guarantee a scare or your money back!! Did we mention that this event is **FREE** for the community? Well….it is, although, we couldn’t make it possible without the support of our community, so we ask that if your enjoyed the event and want to come again next year, please leave a Donation!! What else is different about this event you may ask….well not only do we have a Haunted House, we have anywhere from 10 – 20 actors inside, we also have live entertainment during the later hours from 7:00pm to 11:00pm and now the earlier hours from 12-4. There is plenty to do as many of the sponsors of our event will be on display. There is food and drink for purchase. The sound system in this house is absolutely amazing and all the tracks are made in house! The light show is also stellar and will, with no doubt, be a high-light to the event, no pun intended! During the daytime from 12:00pm to 4:00pm we open up the house sans actors….meaning no crew inside! This gives a chance to for the younger haunters to come and walk through the house while it is not tooo scary…but older people don’t be fooled, you cannot get a chance to see what is going on during the day as several sections of the house are closed until the night showing….just so that you can’t sneak a peek! Here’s a couple more things that we offer…..around the grounds there are FREAKY PHOTO areas set up which have been designed to make for great pictures of you and your family….we have camera’s set up throughout the haunted house and you can purchase a video of your walkthrough….this is no short ride, the house takes at least 20mins to get through….longer if your get stuck!!!….”evil laugh”…. The video will be emailed to you as a .mov file and is only $10 bucks!!
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