Subversive: Anza Haunted House

Subversive: Anza Haunted House Venue:
Anza Club
Sat Oct 27 2012 10:00PM
3 West 8th
Type: General Admission, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket


Two spooky rooms, two darkly twisted sounds, MANY diablolical wierdo’s, short-circuiting robots, ghouls and freaks… will haunt the legendary hallowed halls of the Anza this Oct 27. Come glamourous, come ugly, come dead, or alive, machine or human or anything in between but on October 27th come scare the living daylights out of yourself and those around you… as you dance your ornery ass off to the sounds of these ghoulish souls

in the Spooky AnzaLove Basement:

Mighty “Butcher” Mac
Stark Raving Mad Marty Spencer
Nigel “the ripper” Ray
Andy Clockwork “Orange”

in the Haunted Subversive Attic:

“Demonic” Miss Myte
“Creepy” Caleb Fox
“Vicious” Austin Phillips
“Ominous” Oliver Nickels (Rhombus)

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