Side Bar In Wonderland

Side Bar In Wonderland Venue:
Fri Oct 31 2014 9:00PM
San Diego
536 Market St
Type: Side Bar In Wonderland, Price:$10.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: Side Bar In Wonderland, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket

If you see the white rabbit, don’t get too close…his rabid ways make him late for everything. Enter the rabbit hole at your own risk, and if you fall too fast, make sure you land on a magic mushroom.  Take a bite and you might grow 100 feet tall…unless the crazy caterpillar’s hooka smoke gets you first. If you lose your way, just follow the treasure cat’s jagged grin back to the dance floor.  And once last thing…beware of the cocktails…the mad hatter loves to pour drinks from his poisonous tea party. After all, we’re all mad here.

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