• Location: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
  • Phone: 702.731.7731
  • Description: Caesars Palace once again has raised the standard of Las Vegas nightlife with its destination lounge, Shadow: A Bar at Caesars Palace. Featuring contemporary designs and eclectic furnishings, the sensual atmosphere is enhanced by provocative shadow dancers, whose silhouetted performances bring the experience to the next level.

    A wide variety of high-energy cocktails are part of Shadow’s exotic drink menu, and all are served with entertaining style. World-class flair bartenders juggle bottles, toss limes, twirl glasses and even do back-flips as they prepare beverages while showcasing their amazing skills. In addition, a select menu of alluring appetizers is offered in the evening, including sushi platters, smoked salmon, fresh oysters, crab cakes, fresh fruits and cheeses, and beluga caviar.

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