• Location: 4740 S. Arville St. (across from Orleans Casino)
  • Phone: 702-227-5200
  • Layout: 10,000 sq. ft nightclub with 3 bars, a seperate VIP area and seating for 400
  • Atmosphere: Plush, stylish & hedonistic. A party haven for the afterhours crowd.
  • Age Group: 21+
  • Average Cost: $20, local ladies free
  • Hours: Afterhours 4am – 11am, open every night
  • Description: Not your typical gentlemen’s club. Not your typical ultra lounge. Seamless Adult Ultra lounge is the premier Adult Entertainment venue, as well as the “After Hours” place to be for the ultimate After Party in Las Vegas.

    Beginning at 4 a.m. nightly the venue also seamlessly turns into a nightclub where club goers can continue to dance and be entertained by go-go dancers dressed in sexy attire, and drink luscious libations until noon.

    Seamless has VIP written all over it, with over $20 million invested into the state of the art designs, every inch of this venue will be Seamless. Your hostess who swims in an 8 foot martini glass will welcome you into the party.

    Plasma screens and large duratrans create a visual look never seen before, as well as having the “only adult entertainment uni-sex” restroom of its kind with glass stalls that change color once closed. The party doesn’t end inside. The roof of the building, with a view of the Las Vegas Strip, serves not only for parking but also as its own concert venue or for special events.

    The interior seats over 400 people and boasts $250,000 in plush, stylish seating decor. Two different arrangements of furniture are used to bring about the Seamless change from topless entertainment to after hours nightlife, while maintaining the topless cabaret in the VIP area for those wanting more. With all state of the art “Martin Lighting and Sound”, developed by the Presidential White House Lighting and Sound Specialist, Seamless is the ultimate After Hours hot spot in Vegas.

    The venue has 3 bars to cater to the customer’s every need, including a large arrow shaped bar in the center of it all to keep the drinks flowing. The bar is conveniently adjoined to a remote controlled “Catwalk” which comes down from the ceiling to allow the most beautiful topless women in Vegas to go from the main stage to the center bar. But when the club starts thumpin’ and bodies start bumpin’ the customers and topless dancers move to the VIP room and the catwalk rises into the ceiling to make room for a large dance floor for the After Hours party. From the dance floor you can watch shadow dancers on stage as the customers in VIP watch the same topless entertainment from Seamless’ two way glass mirror inside the VIP room. Two shows in one create an amazing display for all.

    With a sophisticated environment, Seamless flirts with perfection in creating a lasting impression on each and every guest with the added luxury of VIP table service and private rooms.

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