Scot Project :: Gorg-O-Mish

Scot Project :: Gorg-O-Mish Venue:
Fri Oct 28 2011 2:00AM
695 Smithe Street
Type: Regular, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket

Scot Project is without a doubt, a legend in the world of electronic dance music. After fifteen years of top-notch studio production and crowd-pleasing DJ sets, its no wonder why he is one of the worlds most loved and respected Dance artists. He is one of very few artists whose musical style is clearly recognizable among a sea of his peers, as his signature sound has helped create the harder side of the Trance genre, and is now on the forefront of the Tech-Trance movement. With regular performances at legendary clubs and festivals all over the planet such as Trance Energy, Sensation, Planet Love, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, Dance Valley, Mystery Land, Defqon, Global Gathering, Homelands, Coach, Avalon, Airport, Space, Judgment Sunday, Zurich Street Parade, The Guvernent, and too many more to list, Scot Project continues a consistent delivery of his very unique sound at the worlds most highly coveted venues.

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