Red-Dead Prom Night

Red-Dead Prom Night Venue:
Uva Wine Bar
Thu Oct 30 2014 9:00PM
900 Seymour St
Type: Just cover me in blood already, I have a ticket for this., Price:$30.00 Buy Your Ticket

Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar will be hosting its first ever Red-Dead Prom! Dress in your zombie best and dance the night away while sipping on cocktails so delicious its scary.

This event is creepishly sponsored by Bittered Sling Bitters, Skyy Spirits, Campari America, Aperol, Wild Turkey, Sailor Jerry and Disaronno.
Cocktails, canapes and kick ass music by DJ AllGood kick it Dead Red Prom, 90s style. Its really the exact prom we always wanted to go to, but seemed a little eccentric for main stream public schools.
We want 90s.
We want booze.
We want your ass.
We want blood.

There will also be prizes for the Red-Dead Prom King and his Queen [best costume]. You can bet your bottom dollar that the UVA team will be themed, and sporting insane costumes, try your best to beat us. We love blood.
Tickets are $30 till October 21 and $40 till October 29th

Happy Halloween everyone!

Your UVA homies.

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