Pittsburg Halloween PubCrawl

Pittsburg Halloween PubCrawl Venue:
Thu Oct 30 2014 2:00PM
2100 E Carson St
Type: 3 DAY ALL ACCESS PASS, Price:$5.00 Sold Out

For tickets and more information, visit PubCrawls.com or call (888) 998-6609

Summer is long gone and we all have to count the days until the warm weather returns. We’re always looking for something to brighten up our day and the holiday known as Halloween is the perfect chance to do exactly that. If you ask some of your friends what their favorite day of the year is, chances are, some of them might say Halloween. It’s the one-day of the year that you can act silly and dress like anything you’d like. In fact, if you’re not dressed up, you simply wont fit in.



Fit in during this Halloween by joining us for our annual Halloween Pub Crawl. Pittsburgh is a great city with a fantastic bar scene so use Halloween as the perfect excuse for going out and enjoying some drink specials around town (not that you need an excuse). Our recent Pittsburgh bar crawls have had over a thousand attendees participate in the festivities. This Halloween, we’re looking to keep that trend alive and continue to produce fun-filled pub crawl events to the great community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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