Pirates On The Hudson Midnight Halloween Party Cruise

Pirates on the Hudson Midnight Halloween Party Cruise Venue:
Sat Oct 29 2016 8:45PM
New York
299 South Street
Type: General Admission (21+), Price:$30.00 Buy Your Ticket

For additional information, please visit: Halloweencruises.com

It’s a Saturday night in New York City, but this Saturday night is not your typical Saturday night. This Saturday is the Saturday during Halloween weekend and you need to be at our event! Join us for our, “Pirates on the Hudson Midnight Party Cruise” event for a time that you won’t forget! This midnight party cruise is going to make sure you party all night long and we mean that. This cruise is going to board a little before midnight and go all the way into the early morning! This NYC Saturday party cruise is everything that you need to start your weekend off right.

Your NYC Saturday Party Cruise Experience:

Your night is going to start off right as soon as you board your cruise. To start, your cruise is going to be a beautiful cruise ship, the Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts is a multileveled cruise with both inner and outer decks. On your cruise, you will be able to move around freely throughout the cruise and enjoy the view of the city that you will get. While you explore your cruise don’t forget that you will be sailing all around NYC so be sure to get some time on the outside of the cruise and see the city.

This NYC Saturday party cruise will not only give you some great views of the city, but also some other great things. On your cruise, you will enjoy music by our live DJ for your entire night. Hear nothing but this year’s top songs and dance all night long. On top of giving you a live DJ, our cruise will also come with a cash bar for you to order drinks at. Our bar will have beer, wine, cocktails and mixed drinks for you to order. No matter what you’re looking to drink for the night, we guarantee that our cruise will have it for you.

If you want to enjoy something a little more special, then order bottle service on our cruise. This NYC Saturday party cruise is going to be the best that you could find. Only our site is going to give you the most affordable cruises complete with everything that you need to enjoy a great night out. Book your tickets for our party cruise now before they’re all sold out!

Joining us on this wonderful Saturday NYC party cruise and can’t wait to help you celebrate a weekend that you won’t forget!

Boarding: 11:45 PM
Departs: 12:45 AM
Returns: 3:45 AM

Age Requirement: 21 +

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