• Location: 852 5th Ave.
  • Phone: 619.235.ONYX
  • Description: We have two distinct venues within the confines of one unique space.

    Onyx Room, christened in August 1999, quickly became San Diego Gaslamp Quarter’s most sought after destination. This legend in the making was created out of the remains of the infamous 1960s “Famous Door” cocktail lounge. The essence of the Onyx room is its revival of the “Classic Cocktail”, along with vibrant lounge entertainment and a cutting edge nightclub. Cocktails, urban beats, an energetic dance arena and just plain cool – what more could you ask for?

    What really make a club are the people. It is here that Onyx has captured something special as it attracts an open minded, up-for-anything and above all incredibly friendly crowd. Onyx brings something different to the culture of downtown nightlife. It is a nightclub at ease with all the details that make a club really work, and an unusually tight synergy in the music. The visuals continue to enhance the overall experience of Onyx Room.

    While Onyx eludes one defining style, it offers a mix of many different styles. Understanding what makes a club truly great is not the music alone, but rather the artists’ approach to the music and their own interpretation and arrangement of the rhythms. Onyx is home to a variety of vinyl connoisseurs spinning everything from hip-hop, and top 40 to house music.

    THIN is a hyper-contemporary environment engineered for drinks, music and mingling. The space is unlike anything the city of San Diego has ever seen with a juxtaposition of materials reminiscent of industrialism for use in a modern environment. The emphasis is sensory: texture, presentation and design, taste and sound. DJ spun music ranges from electro, house, techno, eighties and progressive. The cocktail couture considers unique flavors, fresh ingredients, and premium liquor. With the addition of the guest, the product becomes an exploration through time and space.

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