Oct 31 Biggies Hoboken Halloween

Oct 31 Biggies Hoboken Halloween Venue:
Sat Oct 31 2015 9:00PM
36-42 Newark St
Type: RIP Admission, Price:$14.99 Buy Your Ticket

Hoboken has no shortage of nightlife. Which is why it's imperative that you choose the right venue for special occasions such as Halloween. Let's get something straight – we're all going to be dressed up. No doubt about it. But whose side will you be on, Heaven or Hell? The annual Halloween party at Biggie's, 36-42 Newark St, is set to have some of the wildest and outlandish costumes in all of Hoboken. Whether you're planning to show up as an Angel, a Greek Goddess, a Goblin or the Devil, Biggie's will have a place for you at their Heaven and Hell themed Halloween event. Orange spiced daiquiris, black and cloudy beer mugs, will all be served for the evening so that the true experience of Halloween can be felt. A live DJ will be playingthe hottest Hip-Hop, Top 40's and EDM all night long. There may be manyHalloween parties out there for you to choose from, but make no mistake, Biggie's during Halloween weekend will be one of the top talked about parties on November 1!

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  1. Alexis on October 29, 2015 at 533PM

    For the Heaven and Hell themed party this Friday into Saturday, is it required that those attending dress up either as a devil or angel?

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