Oct 30 Hoboken Bar & Grill Hoboken Halloween

Oct 30 Hoboken Bar & Grill Hoboken Halloween Venue:
Hoboken Bar and Grill
Fri Oct 30 2015 8:00PM
230 Washington St
Type: RIP Admission, Price:$14.99 Buy Your Ticket

Hoboken's annual Halloween Nightmare is happening at the town's most classic hot spot Hoboken Bar and Grill! Take advantage of 2015 because Halloween falls on a Saturday! Forget about working, call your friends and get ready for a weekend that is sure to be epic. Saturday October 31 at Hoboken Bar& Grill is the best place to begin your Halloween rendezvous. Ever wondered where you could find the sexiest, wackiest, and spookiest costumes in Hoboken on Halloween? Well here's your answer, PubCrawls attracts the wildest costumes and best party goers in the nation. Located at 230 Washington Street, Hoboken Bar and Grill is an icon in the Hoboken area. It's no wonder its packed on regular weekends, but on Halloween, make sure to get your event tickets in advance to secure admission. We do expect this event to sell out due to high demand and Halloween being one of the most exciting party holidays of the year! Hoboken, brace yourselves for one of the best Halloween events of the year,”Halloween Nightmare at Hoboken Bar and Grill”.

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