Obey The Kitty Vs BASE

Obey the Kitty vs BASE Venue:
Vessel SF
Wed Oct 31 2012 8:00PM
San Francisco
85 Campton Place
Type: General Admission, Price:$15.00 Buy Your Ticket

Vessel present:
Obey the Kitty vs BASE The Halloween Special

Justin Milla

The witching hour is upon us.. On Halloween in San Francisco something happens for the very first time, for one night only. Two worlds collide, as the clubbing heavyweights that are Obey the Kitty and BASE unite to celebrate the dark and haunting tones of underground electronic music. In a melting pot of house, tech house and techno with smatterings of electro, the ghouls and ghosts will be summoned to the dancefloor. In a ritual unseen nor heard of before. The fashionista flamboyance of Obey the Kitty meets the four four pounding of BASE. As the Princess of the Jackathon, BBC Radio 1 s own, Heidi ventures over the high seas from London to touch down in central SF, as we raise the roof, bring the ritual and set alight the dancefloor with a big freaky Halloween rave off.

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