Nightmare On Washington Halloween 2015 @ Hughes Hangar

Nightmare On Washington Halloween 2015 @ Hughes Hangar Venue:
Hughes Hangar
Sat Oct 31 2015 9:00PM
2811 Washington Ave
Type: General Admission, Price:$30.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: The Burial Grounds – Package 6, Price:$550.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: The Mansion – Package 2, Price:$750.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: The Mansion – Package 3, Price:$250.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: The Mansion VIP 1, Price:$1000.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: The Vampires Den – Package 5, Price:$250.00 Buy Your Ticket


-One Ticket is valid for ALL 3 Haunted Zones-
Saturday October 31st
@ Hughes Hangar
“The Biggest Halloween Extravaganza on Washington Ave.”

About Hughes Hangar
Houston's only nightclub located next to an active cemetery, is hosting another top-notch Halloween Edition evening.  Guests are able to explore three unique Halloween inspired party zones: The Vampire Den, The Haunted Burial Grounds, and the Mansion. Live entertainment will be provided by DJ Danny B in the Mansion, DJ New York hosting the Vampire Den, and a chill combination zone featuring complimentary craft cocktails*, hookah, and music on the Haunted Burial Grounds. Professional costume design, acts, and shows provided by Howard Entertainment.  Table packages and group rates are available.
The Mansion (Haunt #1)
Century old tiles lay the way, giant crystal chandeliers illuminate the night, portraits of family past hang gingerly, and fine marble counter tops give the right of passage…but don't let her charms fool you…many have entered the infamous Mansion, but few have yet to return. DJ DannyB is the gatekeeper of the night and for those who put on the best of show will live to tell the story again and again. Limited VIP sections will be honored.

The Vampire Den (Haunt #2)

It is said their quarters are found on this edge of the property where the temperature is bone chilly and the lights stay low to hide the blood covered walls. Be advised, stay in the group on the dance floor as DJ New York will pump the night with all top hits; anyone who strays away from the group could find themselves as the “Vampire Bite.”  Groups can reserve their own private corridor with an elevated section perfect for bottle service.

Haunted Burial Grounds
Located a few hundred feet away from the active Glenwood cemetery, guest find themselves in the open air burial grounds… a site always occupied by both the living, and the non. The night-walkers of the grounds can partake in the undertaking ceremonies by enjoying some of the finest hookahs in town, bottle service, and a chill music environment.

Don Julio Tequila
Hendricks Gin
Born 2 Party Entertainment

Don Julio Silver $6
Featured in the heart of the burial ground, Don Julio will serve complimentary Don Julio inspired craft cocktails
Hendricks Gin $6
Be creative in the lab. Hendricks will host a drink making lab designed to offer premium cocktails derived from your mind.
*Complimentary cocktails are provided by Don Julio Tequila and Hendricks Gin. While supplies last.

Hughes Hangar
2811 Washington Ave. | Houston, TX 77007
Time of Event
9pm till 2am

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