• Location: 1476 Rue Crescent
  • Phone: 514.284.6555
  • Layout: Top of the line sound system, Patio, Terrace, Lounging area, Bar and Dancefloor
  • Atmosphere: New York and European Inspired Decor
  • Hours: Each Area Varies Depending on the Night. Visit th
  • Description: By: Narvan Bouzari

    Literally translated into the French word “Villeneuve”, Newtown is in fact the brainchild of its namesake, Formula 1 racer and Montreal native Jaques Villeneuve. First opened in June 2001, the locale gained recognition when news spread that $5.3 million had been put into converting two adjacent townhouses in downtown Montreal into 4 floors of pure nightlife extravagance.

    Each level of Newtown’s enormous 19,000 square feet offers a different setting: the basement is a dance club with in-house DJs, the ground floor is a lounge/martini bar, the first floor is a an upscale restaurant and the last floor is a rooftop terrace. While the downstairs club could use a little brush up to liven up its lackluster furnishings, the decorative theme throughout the rest of Newtown is ostensibly trendy chic. The martini lounge is dominated by dim red lighting and a central bar with a majestic floral showpiece. Around 20 or so plush leather armchairs are arranged around the bar, with views to both Crescent Street and Maisonneuve Boulevard, thanks to the loungess corner location and floor-to-ceiling windows.

    On the first floor, a more Mediterranean and slightly austere look is achieved through crisp white linens and beech wood and white canvas chairs. With a capacity for 150 diners, the restaurant is the same size as the rooftop terrace right above it, which famously offers breathtaking views of the Crescent area and its endless succession of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

    More importantly, between 5 and 7 o’clock, one can enjoy Happy Hour at both the rooftop as well as the ground floor lounge. It is between these hours that Newtown truly comes alive as one of the most bustling hotspots for young professionals in Montreal. At the forgivable price of $10 for two glasses of wine, one can mingle with the city’s finest, while being served by the extremely attractive and surprisingly friendly staff. Alternatively, one can choose from a deliciously long list of cocktails which include Lychee, Chocolate and Green Apple Martinis. The restaurant upstairs offers a similarly wide selection, though this time of meat and fish-based dishes. Here, a plate of seared tuna will set you back around $30, not including the side dish that mush be ordered, and paid for, separately, as is typical in a number of swanky eateries. Although tastier than average, the meals here don’t quite compare to the succulent fares offered by the locale’s St.Laurent counterparts, such as Med and Buona Notte.

    Overall, if you’re after mouthwatering food or cheap drinks, then this resto-lounge may not be quite your cup of tea. However, if you have money to spend and are looking for a place with great martinis, luxurious decor, a well-dressed crowd and one of the busiest and most exciting happy hours in the city of Montreal, then Newtown is without question the only place for you.

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