My Condo Cocktail Lounge

  • Location: 34 Clarence Street
  • Phone: (613) 789-7770
  • Description: My Condo Cocktail Lounge is the best mixture of a modern day loft and an urban pub.

    A cool place where you would feel equally comfortable hanging out with your friends in jeans and a t-shirt as you would attending a wine and cheese function.

    My Condo has many feature?s such as a main area, which resembles a modern kitchen (because all the best parties happen in the kitchen) attached to a recreation room. A second floor area which resembles a bedroom complete with mini-beds and a walk-in closet.

    This urban cocktail lounge has extensive drink list and modern tasting menu (which includes dishes such as Pho, Sliders and Potato Chip Poutine) is an ideal location to hold special events as well as celebrate birthday, bachellorette parties etc?.?

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