Monsters Ball With 6ninjahs

Monsters Ball with 6ninjahs Venue:
Baselines Pub
Fri Oct 28 2011 7:30PM
20340 Fraser Hwy
Type: Regular, Price:$10.00 Buy Your Ticket

Monsters Ball

A Halloween Special Event.

Featuring Performances By

Tickets $5 In Adv. $10 At The Doors.Costume Contest With Big Prizes.

What is 6 ninjahs?

It s a rap group fool, started in 2006, like most wickedshit does with some white kids in a basement, a microphone and a bowlful.

Who is 6ninjahs?

Its Kas and Daz from the tricities of British Columbia, westcoast, Canada.

What just two or you& not six of you?

That s right fukko& .but let me break it down sum, son& .

When a person dies, they need 6 pallbearers to carry your casket& .soooo&

If your third cousin Melvin that you ve never met has to help out, or some alter boy from the church does then that says a lot about the life you lived.

It does?

Yes it does& cause in death& is when& others will really look at your life. An if you lived it wrong or right. For you or for your crew& so what will say bout you? Were you a dick or a ninjah? Think about it bitch boy&

If you don t have 6 close homies, that are like family to you to do that& .to carry that casket&

Then slap yourself& .cause you prolly sold them out for pussy or money, or even worse like testified and now your bitch ass has to hide out in the Midwest or like Deleware and sum shit& .or maybe you just stopped calling& so stop wasting your time reading this, and call up your ninjah right quick.

And oh yeah& . there is more than two of us too& cause check it& we got ninjahs running the sound, selling tickets, working the door, chasing the chickens and just bumping the sound, spreading the werd& and hopefully we got ninjahs just like you.. and yeah sure that other guy too.

So like what the fuck is a ninjah?

The word ninjah stands for a person of stealth, or quiet action, and stands for one that can endure.

The roots of ninjahs were in poor farmers, in the parts of society that were often looked down upon& like a scrub at starbucks& .whut.& if you can dig it&

The creation of ninja came forth as a counter-culture movement against mainstream Japanese political and social tradition& so yeah that s sum underground shit right there s killah, yah follow? They did as they believed, not as they told or forced to.

While a samurai (aka preppy rich kid) would announce themselves openly to an enemy and attack head on, ninjahs had there own tatics& to ensure survival and victory& even if that meant scaling walls and stabbing a general in the head, before he could send his army to your village& a solider needs leader& the body is useless without the head..&

Ninjahs were more than just assisians they were spies, instigatators, conspirators and messagers& .and yes rappers& .a source of cultural identity.

Wait wait& your all talking like ancient shit& but like why do you call yourself ninjahs?

Cause we are the underground& a movement against the mainstream& and we come from a family that is commonly misunderstood and looked down upon& .

We came up through quiet actions of making and producing our own mixtapes and passing them out by the hundreds to eventually the thousands& and we continue to endure and fight through to stay alive and reach our goal& of rockin shows and shakin yah frontal lobes& and hitting the globe, so yall can know, the six is the shit, and that these ninjahs aint a myth& and to our end of days, always in a small way we ll be a part of the game everytime our shit gets played.

We didn t create the idea of what being a ninjah means today, we just helped defined it, just like tupac did with thuglife.

Is that right?

Yeah that s right, so support the underground, listen to it.

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