Halloween 2011 Event listing for Los Angeles, California. Info and tickets for Best Halloween parties in some of LA's hottest nightclubs and bars such as Drais Hollywood, Hyde Lounge, MI6, Vanguard, Avalon, Skybar. Hollywood Halloween Parties, West Hollywood Halloween Parties, Santa Monica Halloween Parties


Los Angeles hosts some of the sexiest Halloween Parties in the world. From the famed Kandy Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion to naughty Halloween events throughout Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, you will be sure to find some of the hottest Halloween events in the country right here in L.A’s top nightclubs and bars. Los Angeles is also known for some of the most beautiful girls in the world and you can expect these sexy ladies to dress up in their most extravagant, outrageous and sexy costumes and hit some of the hottest Los Angeles nightclubs and bars for Halloween parties. This is not to mention San Fernando Valley which is knows as the adult entertainment capital of the world and has some of the naughtiest Halloween parties in the world.
Halloween in L.A is an extra special time of the year. Angelinos love to dress up and party and even weeks before Halloween, the city prepares with all types of Los Angeles Halloween events throughout the hottest and best clubs and bars in Los Angeles. On the Halloween night itself, many of these L.A. Nightclubs and Bars offer big prizes to best Halloween costumes in different categories which are usually, sexiest costume, most original costume, most elaborate costume, Hollywood costume, Retro Costumes, 80’s or 90’s themed costumes. Club goers and party people take advantage of the crazy Hollywood Halloween spirit and party all night long in Los Angeles hottest nightclubs and bars such as Drais Hollywood, Hyde Lounge, MI6, Vanguard, Skybar and many of the other hottest clubs in Hollywood Los Angeles. When you are in Hollywood for Halloween, make sure you arrive in your most outrageous or gory costume but it is always good to know which L.A Nightclub has the best Halloween parties and what to expect once there. Search BestHalloweenParties for the best Halloween events and parties in Los Angeles, Hollywood and L.A. Country area and you will sure find our site useful in narrowing down your L.A Halloween Event experience. Once you have chosen your Halloween party, you can buy tickets for it right here on the site, or even find useful information on the Nightclub or Bar that is hosting the event in Los Angeles we hope that you while you are in LA , you have some of the best Halloween memories of your life.  Our Los Aneles Halloween parties guide includes the following areas: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Glendale, Pasadena, West Hollywood Halloween Parties and Santa Monica Halloween Parties.

Below we have a list of some of the best Halloween parties in Los Angeles and Hollywood for this year:

Kandy Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion

3rd Annual King Tuts Tomb

Official Playboy Halloween

Hollywood Monster Night


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