Improv Against Humanity

Improv Against Humanity Venue:
The Wiggle Room
Thu Oct 31 2013 8:30PM
3874 St. Laurent
Type: Regular, Price:$12.00 Buy Your Ticket

Montreai’s hottest improv show, Improv Against Humanity, takes off the restraints for Halloween.  Up until now we have all had fun taking the game that claims to be for horrible people and spinning it into improv gold. However now it’s time to truly put the HORROR in to horrible. We will take our team of highly skilled and highly offensive scientists and go through the Cards Against Humanity game and choose only the worst, most offensive, most disgusting and most tasteless cards and play with only those (we may even add a few of our own). We all know this game can have some truly terrible stuff, this time it will ONLY have truly terrible stuff. Plus, the World Improv Federation will go into it’s deep roster and choose only the players whose artistry with such trash is nothing more than legend. This will be a night of hilarity and laughter and saying to yourself repeatedly, “I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST SAW THAT!” But isn’t that what the WIF is all about. Plus, stick around after for the the Ladies Night Halloween party. 

Bar service available an hour before the show.

For group reservations and bottle service, contact our box office at:

514-508-WINK /

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