Imagine-Halloween Extravaganza

Imagine-Halloween Extravaganza Venue:
Lucky Strike Miami
Sat Oct 27 2012 9:00PM
Miami Beach
1691 Michigan Ave
Type: General Admission, Price:$10.00 Buy Your Ticket

It s that time of the year again. When the breeze in Miami slowly shifts from a humid to cool, and the palm trees get a break from the dire sun. Sure, fall in Magic City isn t like it is up north, but it still gives us all a break from the humid months in the summer. But the focus isn t on the weather, it s on the epic holiday that culminates at the end of October Halloween. Considered one of the most popular nights of the year, Halloween in Miami is unquestionably one of the best nights of the year to go out. Coconut Grove is packed with costumed bodies, and Lincoln Road is flooded as well. But this year the actual day falls on a Wednesday, so most folks are thinking their celebrations will take place the weekend before. Rather than heading to the crowded areas of Miami on this night, there s one event taking place at a South Beach nightlife venue that s one of a kind Lucky Strike Lounge. A true amalgamation of entertainment is the only way to describe what this nightlife destination is all about.

It s one part bowling alley, two parts South Beach hotspot. With music, drinks, and design aesthetics that could compete with any nightclub, this party will feature a cash bar serving up awesome cocktails, a live DJ providing all the music for the crowd. The crowd on this night will be decked out in costume attire, so be sure to wear your best rendition of a dead celeb, fictional character, or ghoulish creature you can think of. Get your tickets while you can, because it will sell out in no time.

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