Horoscope Speed Date

Horoscope Speed Date Venue:
Dirty Martini Oakville
Fri Oct 25 2013 7:30PM
2075 Winston Park Drive
Type: Regular, Price:$49.99 Buy Your Ticket

Oakville Horoscope Speed Date- Double Event (Ages 35-44F/37-47M)&(Ages 26-35F/27-37M)

Come out to this upscale evening in the west GTA & participate in SITC’s own version of trick or treat…..only instead of going door to door, you’ll be speed dating from person to person using horoscopes as your conversation starter. So let tonight be the night where the sun, the moon and the stars align and dare to share the most coveted secrets of your sun sign!

This special speed dating evening features two age groups at one location on one night giving you double the opportunity to chat with someone you had your eye on during the break, beginning and end of the evening.

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