HHK(Hip-Hop Karaoke) HALLOWEEN

HHK(Hip-Hop Karaoke) HALLOWEEN Venue:
Fortune Sound Club
Mon Oct 29 2012 10:00PM
147 E. Pender Street
Type: Advance, Price:$7.00 Buy Your Ticket

Hosted by DJ Flipout and DJ Seko:

Monday, October 29, come check out a transformed freaky-Fortune Sound
Club for the 2nd edition of Hip-Hop Karaoke Halloween! *OOOOOO SCARY*.
Did you make it out last year? Did you fall into the whirlwind of
Halloween and Hip-Hop at 147 East Pender? Peep how cray-cray shit got!
http://j.mp/HALLOhhk2011. It’s only gonna be even crazier this year
with a new Halloween installment by Danny Vermette, new costumes and
new raps

Hip-Hop Karaoke runs the same format as usual but with one important
difference: ALL HHK PERFORMERS MUST BE IN COSTUME!! Last year we saw a
barrage of costumes up on stage rapping. Some good, some bad, some
funny and some that hardly made sense…But one thing’s for certain,
to get up and rap, you gotta be in Halloween spirit!

HHK INFO AND RULES (there are only 3 really)
*No original material (no personal tracks).
*No N-Bombs! Substitute with brother , sister , etc. Drop the bomb,
we cut your mic. NO EXCEPTIONS
*Do not drop the microphone.

*Email us your rap track request to hhkvancouver@gmail.com as soon as
possible as performance slots get filled up real quick and we
anticipate the slots to fill up even faster for Halloween edition.
*The rap-a-thon usually starts between 10:30 and 11:00.
*There is NO teleprompter. As a performer, you are on the front stage,
in front of the whole crowd! You are the main act! Anyone can have
their chance to be like a rap god for a few minutes. We can provide
lyric sheets for you to read before or during your performance if
requested, however, fully memorized lyrics and good stage presence
gets the best crowd reaction/participation. See our YouTube page for
examples from past performances: YouTube.com/hhkvancouver
*We can accept minor special requests. Ie: Backup vocals, help with
costumes or props, special DJ request, etc. Just let us know before
the performance.
*Test your mic before rapping, singing, ad-libbing, etc. REMEMBER TO
KEEP THE MIC CLOSE TO YOUR MOUTH if you want the crowd to hear
you.( re ill flows.)
*We hold the right to cut off the mic at anytime if necessary.

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