Heaven & Helloween At ZTwo Lou

Heaven & Helloween at ZTwo Venue:
ZTwo Lounge
Sat Oct 27 2012 10:00PM
Staten Island
2925 Veterans Road West
Type: General Admission, Price:$10.00 Buy Your Ticket

Staten Island s known to have a killer nightlife scene, but with it being so close to Manhattan, the spotlight tends to focus on the Big Apple until this October that is. There s no question that one of the most anticipated nights of the year fall on the last evening in October. It s the one night of the year when we can act outlandishly out of character, and dress the part as well Halloween.

Months before the big night we already have ideas of what to wear, what to decorate, and how to decorate it. But far too often we re too accustomed to leaving the biggest decision of the holiday for the last second. Some of the biggest parties of the year take place on Halloween night, but be well aware that they also sell out the fastest.

This year we ll give you a heads start by announcing one of the biggest events taking place at a popular nightlife destination in Staten Island ZTwo Lounge. If you were in search of a party that bring together every characteristic you could possibly want in a party, then your search is over. Heaven & Helloween at ZTwo Lounge features a cash bar that will serve up your favorite cocktails, music that will be playing non-stop, and an atmosphere that can t be beat.

Presented by HalloweenEvents.com, this event will feature some of the best costumes around town, so be sure to dress the part and get your tickets while you still can.

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