HAUNTED MANOR 3rd Annual Event

HAUNTED MANOR 3rd Annual Event Venue:
Manor West Nightclub
Sat Oct 27 2012 8:00PM
San Francisco
750 Harrison Street
Type: Tier 1, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket

Saturday October 27th
Manor West and Above Ground Present

3rd Annual Event

YOUNG GURU (Jay-Z’s Deejay)
Opening Set By KING MOST

Massive Theatrical Halloween Production
Costumes are highly encouraged

Step into the Haunted Manor as the dimmly lit lights flicker to a ceiling that vanishes, sometimes revealing the goblins and montsers that are suspended above. Hanging from the rafters is the skeletal corpse of the Ghost Host, occassionally illuminated by the flashes of lightning. Every so often the room becomes pitch black as dreadful screams and laughter are heard, followed by the sound of bone chilling music. As the lights come back on, mysteriously the dance floor is packed with creatures of the night celebrating and socializing to the music of King Most and Young Guru!

Young Guru officially became Jay-Z s tour DJ. It is an endeavor well-suited for him, considering his impeccable knowledge of Jay-Z s discography, and their long-standing personal and professional relationship. With such a successful track record, there is no question why Young Guru is the DJ of choice, the instructor of the creative, and a producer of timeless music.

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