Halloween PubCrawl New Orleans

Halloween PubCrawl New Orleans Venue:
Thu Oct 30 2014 5:00PM
Various Venues
Type: 3 DAY ALL ACCESS PASS, Price:$5.00 Buy Your Ticket

Its obvious isnt it? When you hear NewOrleans, you think mardi gras, beads, and wild partying. While some of that maybe true, the reason New Orleans is so famous for its Louisiana swagger is dueto its amazing bar scene. Some of the most vibrant bars and pubs in thecountry are located in this beautiful city. While mardi gras is certainly atime for partying, we strongly urge you to consider Halloween. Not only can youdress up like an animal, you can also enjoy drink specials and free admissionto some of the best venues in town. Thats right, our annual Halloween PubCrawl is quickly approaching.

This year, were puttingtogether 3 days of Halloween nightlife bar crawling. At registration, youllreceive your pub crawl wristband a full map outlining the best route to takefor the crawl. Whether you visit just a few or all of the participating venueson Bourbon Street, you cant possible go wrong with our wide selection.Halloween is a fun-filled time of the year for large groups of friends to comeout and enjoy a great party atmosphere while wearing whacky outfits. The 2014New Orleans Halloween Pub Crawl is just around the corner. Secure your tickettoday prices do increase, as the date gets closer to Halloween.

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