Halloween PubCrawl Denver

Denver Halloween PubCrawl Venue:
Thu Oct 30 2014 4:00PM
1320 15th Street
Type: 3 DAY ALL ACCESS PASS, Price:$5.00 Buy Your Ticket

For tickets and more information, visit PubCrawls.com or call (888) 998-6609

Theres a lot we like about Denver, but if theres one thing we had to narrow it down to…yes, you guessed it, its the bar scene. Seeing as a majority of the year it’s pretty cold out here, there have to be plenty of watering holes around town to keep folks warm. Not to say that summer isnt awesome in the city, but the atmosphere definitely seems to kick up once fall arrives. Its not because of the weather, its because everyones highly anticipating Halloween. Thats right, the countdown for the official 2014 Halloween Pub Crawl in Denver has officially begun.



For weeks before this day arrives everyone plans out what theyll be wearing. This year you may want to be even more creative, because during this event the wildest costumes will be on display. Thousands of costumed guests will be flocking all over town to get access to the participating venues where theyll be greeted by drink specials that only registered crawlers can access. Experience the excitement in Denver when Halloween weekend rolls around. Get your tickets while you still can, because theyre not expected to be around for much longer.

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