Germany Germany CD Release

Germany Germany CD Release Venue:
Lucky Bar
Sat Oct 25 2014 8:00PM
517 Yates St
Type: Regular, Price:$10.00 Buy Your Ticket

Germany Germany CD Release Party:

Germany Germany is an electronic indie pop band from Victoria, BC. Having released several albums independently and playing in many cities worldwide as a solo electronic act, Germany Germany has evolved into a four-piece live electronic indie rock future pop band and presents a unique, heartfelt and danceable live music experience.

This project has been around since 2009 and has explored different genres through 3 LPs and 4 EPs. Live performances, though rare, have happened in New York, Vancouver, Paris, Berlin and more. Many Germany Germany songs feature vocal collaborators, including Steffaloo, Kotomi, and Arrange.

Guests Top Men

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