Friday Night Party Cruise On The Hudson

Friday Night Party Cruise on the Hudson Venue:
Fri Oct 30 2015 5:30PM
New York
353 West St
Type: General Admission, Price:$30.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: Couples Package, Price:$60.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: Entourage of Four, Price:$120.00 Buy Your Ticket

Important: VIP Tickets Are Not Yet Available on this Site.

To purchase tickets: please visit:

Friday night. The words alone are so sweet they’re sinfully mouthwatering. Friday marks the end of a long, exhaustive workweek: say goodbye to those endless stacks of paperwork, toiling away while watching the minutes tick away on the clock, and everything else about the daily grind. Best of all, you’re about to take on a full weekend of partying. Why don’t you make this Friday particularly memorable by climbing aboard the Hornblower Yacht?

The Hornblower Yacht sets sail every Friday night, boarding at 8PM, departing at 9PM, and returning by midnight. Not only will this aquatic journey soothe you with a calming backdrop of ocean blue, you can also enjoy the pleasures of a cash bar, the groovy sounds of a live DJ, and multiple dance floors where you can let the music amp you up while your body ripples. Not to mention, there’s our wonderful selection of scrumptious food, and all the cool folks ready to get their party on, just as you are. So what are you waiting for? The Hornblower Yacht urges you to take a wild adventure with her. It will definitely be one for the record books.

Age Restriction: 21+

Boarding time: 8:30PM 
Departing time: 9:30PM
Returning time: 12:00AM


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