Friday Ladies’ Night October 30th It’s HEAVEN

Friday Ladies' Night October 30th it's HEAVEN Venue:
Twelve West
Fri Oct 30 2015 8:00PM
1219 Granville St
Type: General Admission, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket

Friday Ladies' Night October 30th it's HEAVEN


We're excited to announce a huge two-night event - HALLOWEEN | Heaven and Hell | Twelvewest

At month's end we're going all out for two nights. Friday and Saturday.


Friday Ladies' Night October 30th it's HEAVEN (10pm-3am)

with DJ J-Fresh

We're dressing like angels


$1000.00 Costume Prize Both Nights!

No theme or costume criteria. Come with your best costume!


Twelve West

1219 Granville St

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